Woodgrain Corbels

Corbels are commonly used in soffit to wall transition applications, giving an exposed truss or reinforced soffit appearance.

Roman Rock carries an extensive line of woodgrain corbels for any application. With wood species consisting of Cedar, Cypress, and Pecky Cypress to accentuate a high definition woodgrain appeal, the wood will not get lost or muddled in the body of the home. This high definition woodgrain product is unique to Roman Rock and has been an anchor of our commitment to providing long-term solutions for architects and designers by eliminating the fear of splitting, cracking, warping and long-term maintenance.

Roman Rock corbels will hold their high definition woodgrain year after year with a durable finish that is sure to impress.

Stone Corbels

Stone corbels are available in three textures: Keystone, Adobe, and Sand

Keystone is our most aggressive texture, giving the appearance of very rough-mined and carved stone. Adobe gives a slightly softer appeal with divits approximately 1/16 of an inch. White Keystone and Adobe textures are indented, the Sand finish is a light-protruded texture.

The sizes of stone corbels are almost endless. Over the years, Roman Rock has manufactured a variety of stone corbels for commercial, multifamily and single family homes. We specialize in manufacturing high-volume architectural details to create continuity throughout your communities, while keeping the architects vision intact.