Beams & Trusses

We have selected textures and wood species from the most desired and sought after beam styles in the world. We also apply our high definition wood graining techniques.

Beam packages can be combined and assembled for open truss applications in 2-sided, 3-sided, and 4-sided styles. Artisan beams come in a standard length of 14 feet and factory joining/splicing is available up when longer lengths are required.

Four Textures to Choose From

Italian Farmhouse@2x
Pecky Cypress@2x
Select Cypress@2x
Hand Hewn@2x

Beam Accessories

Premium Designs

The design possibilities are endless, without the need for structural reinforcement. Installation is quick and concise. Artisan Beams come refinished in a wide array of stain colors. Custom finishes are also available for larger projects. A complete line of accessories, including buckets, straps, bolts, and nut heads, as well as spike ends are available.

Faux Beams